US LTER mini-symposium to be webcast

The US LTER network is running a mini symposium on "The Globalization of Long Term Ecological Research" and it will be broadcast live on the web, starting on 28 February at 08:30 Eastern Standard Time.

The 2013 US LTER mini-symposium themed on "The Globalization of Long Term Ecological Research" at the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC., on Thursday, February 28, will be broadcast live on the web beginning 8:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. The live webcast, a joint effort between the LTER Network Office and NSF can be viewed at

Should the live webcast be disrupted or prove impracticable the presentations will be recorded and be published shortly thereafter, with the webcast and the subsequent individual recorded presentations listed in the web event catalog at

Viewers will need the Microsoft Silverlight Player browser plugin to view the webcast. Most people will already have Silverlight installed on their machines; however, an installation link will be provided on the page for those who may not.

For more information about the LTER mini-symposium please see or the NSF media advisory at

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