Projects in which we are involved

LTER-Europe is, or has been, involved in several projects. The majority of LTER projects in Europe are site-specific or involve a small number of sites (see national networks). Here we describe the network level  projects in which LTER-Europe has played a key role.

Current projects

There are no current projects, but details of our upcoming eLTER PLUS and eLTER PPP projects will be added to this website soon.



Previous projects 

eLTER H2020

eLTER short logo (no subtext)eLTER H2020 is a major project that will help advance the development of European Long-Term Ecosystem Research infrastructures. It will run for 48 months from 01 June 2015 to 31 May 2019 and is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme.

eLTER H2020 is coordinated by Michael Mirtl, Environment Agency Austria (current chair of LTER-Europe). The project will advance the development of European Long-Term Ecosystem Research infrastructures. eLTER 2020 brings together LTER-Europe and the European Critical Zone Observatories (CZO) community.

EnvEurope (LIFE+)

LIFE-plus logoEnvEurope logoThe EnvEurope project, which was funded by the EU LIFE programme, contributed to the integration and coordination of long-term ecological research and monitoring initiatives at a European level. It focussed on understanding the status, changes and trends of ecosystems, with an integrated broad-scale and cross-domain (terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems) strategy, and combined the efforts of 11 countries and of at least 67 sites belonging to the LTER-Europe network.

EnvEurope was featured in the August 2012 issue of International Innovation: Environment.

Other previous projects:

  • ExpeER - Experimental Ecosystem Research (EU FP7; Infrastructure; lead: INRA, FR)
  • LifeWatch (ESFRI; lead: UA, NL)
  • International LTER projects (ILTER; various leads)
  • EBONE (FP7, Biodiversity; lead: Alterra, NL)
  • Vegetation Survey 2008 (Internal; lead: BGU, Israel)
  • Data sharing policy project (with ALTER-Net)
  • ALTER-Net Multisite Research (with ALTER-Net; lead: UFZ, DE)


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