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Information on LTER-Europe meeting Majorca December 2008
Information about the LTER-Europe meeting Majorca December 2008
Flyer for 'Landscape - theory and practice'
Flyer for the 15th International Symposium On Problems of Landscape Ecological Research, Bratislava, 29 September - 2 October 2009
Technical Information for LTER-Europe Meeting (Majorca)
Reimbursement form
Form for non-ALTER-Net people
Agenda Majorca meeting
Time plan Majorca meeting
ALTER-Net Conference 2009 flyer
A flyer for the ALTER-Net conference in March 2009
Information about LTSER workshop, Czech Repl. Feb 2009
Information about the LTSER workshop, Kašperské Hory, Czech Republic, 19-21 February 2009
RSS icon
RSS icon
Second circular for 'Landscape - theory and practice'
Second circular for event taking place in Bratislava, Slovakia
Registration form for 'Landscape - theory and practice'
Registration form for event taking place in Bratislava, Slovakia
ALTER-Net Summer School 2009
ALTER-Net Summer School 2009
Ecohydrology training course flyer
Flyer for the International Advanced Study Course: 'Ecohydrology & Ecosystems Biotechnologies in Water Resources Management', Sept 14-22 2009, Poland
Windermere 2010 Details and form
Further details and registration form for the one day meeting 'Ecological insights from 65 years of study on lakes in the Windermere catchment', Bowness-on-Windermere, UK, 20 May 2010
Data Analysis Tools in Ecology
Further information, including module types, speakers and fees!
Poster template
LTER-Europe poster template (incl. logo); version 01, Aug 2008
Symposium: Biodiversity of surface waters, floodplains and groundwater
This folder contains the folowing: - two flyers for the event (in English and German) - a registration form - further information
Conference in Environmental Communication
Collection of conference material
Programme of the meeting
Logistics for LTER Europe meeting
How to get to Lodz & hotel information.
Logistics for LTER Europe meeting part 2
in pictures
2nd circular - PROMITHEAS Conference "Energy and Climate Change"
ForeStClim Mid-term Conference "European Forestry - Fit for Climate Change?"
Invitation_Research and Management of the Historical Agricultural Landscape
Instructions to authors
Registration form
Registration form SWITCH conference
ALTER-Net ES conference flyer
Flyer about the ALTER-Net conference on ecosystem services and biodiversity, Vienna, 3-4 Nov 2010
LTER-Austria conference 2 Nov 2010
Details of the LTER-Austria conference 2 Nov 2010, Vienna
12th EEF Congress
List of participants, please check your details, ASAP
Preliminary programme: Dryland conference
Registration form: Dryland ecosystem conference
Guidelines for poster presentation: Dryland ecosystem conference
FutMon Final Workshop 2nd Agenda
Avila_city map
Avila_conference venue
The rooms (Multifunctional rooms) are located on the 1st floor and are marked with dark grey on the page 3
Avila_LTER-Europe meeting agenda
Balwois 2012_announcement
The first announcement
Balwois 2012_exhibitions
Info for exhibitors
LTER-Europe in a nutshell (Presentation Michael Mirtl, LTER Conference in Aquaba 8th-11th June 2009)
Designing multifunctional research platforms: Integration of socio-economic research and LTER in Austria (presentation Michael Mirtl & Christof Amann; European-American workshop on „Long term socio-environmental research“ 30th June – 5th July 2003, Motz, France)
Workshop on European Networking of Long-Term Ecosystem Research (LTER) and Monitoring for Environment and Health (Andrew Sier & Terry Parr; 16 Jan 2003, European Environment Agency, Copenhagen; 2nd revision)
Abstract for ESOF Session 2012
World Water Forum Thematic Priorities
EAP-LTER meeting invitation
EAP-LTER meeting programme
EAP-LTER meeting brochure
International Summer Course in Ecohydrology
Announcement and logistics Joint LTER-Eu, EnvEurope, EXPEER RSG Meeting
Registration to the Joint LTER-Eu, EnvEurope, EXPEER RSG Meeting
Credit card authorization form
Programme of the Joint LTER-Eu, EnvEurope and EXPEER RSG
BioHydrology 2013
Docs for 10th LTER Europe Conference and Joint EnvEurope and ExpeER Meeting_1
Docs for 10th LTER Europe Conference and Joint EnvEurope and ExpeER Meeting_2
Presentation template 2
Soil-Waste-Water 2013 Workshop flyer
Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services in Impact Assessment - Flyer
Harmony between biogeosphere and society - Symposium announcement
Flyer for Schumacher Institute Research Conference
Press release for Schumacher Institute Research Conference
International Symposium 2013
Presentation on LTER-Eu and EnvEurope International Symposium
pdf file with key messages to LTER society
2nd Announcement_LTER-Eu and EnvEu Symposium
Flyer, ExpeER SAPER training course, Amsterdam, August 2013
Details of the ExpeER sampling protocols training course, Amsterdam, 26-30 August 2013
EcoFiL 2014-announcement
2nd announcement & draft programme for joint EnvEurope/LTER-Europe conference, Rome, Italy, Nov 2013
Water resources and wetlands, Announcement
Friend_Water conference
3nd Circular
COST Action ES1203 Training School
Flyer for CReATIVE-B final event
Flyer for the final event of the CReATIVE-B project on data infrastructures for biodiversity and ecosystem research
LTER Europe conference agenda 2015
Agenda for the collaborative week of LTER-Europe and Related Sites Group of EXPEER
Agenda of RSG meeting 2015
Logistic information
BIOGEOMON 2012 poster
Biohydrology Conference 2013,
Adaptive Strategies of the Living Systems First Annoncement
IS.RIVERS 2012 Conference
Workshop flyer Soil-Waste-Water 2013
2nd Announcement - 3rd ICP Forests Scientific Conference
International Workshop on N2O Emissions in Various Ecosystems (1st circular)
Details of the ILTER nitrogen dioxide emissions workshop in Taiwan, December 2017
eLTER IM Training Overview Agenda
Overview agenda for the eLTER Information Management Training organised from 25.2.-1.3.2019
Rome eLTER PPP Agenda
Rome PLUS Agenda
eLTER IM Training Agenda Overview Final
eLTER IM Training Agenda Overview - final version
eLTER IM Training Agenda Detail Final
eLTER IM Training Agenda Detail Final version