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Google Drive

Top level links

Google Drive Google Drive - for material 'in progress'
Nextcloud NextCloud - for completed files
SharePoint SharePoint - for files that are considered strictly internal
In addition, the eLTER Starting Communities project landing page has a range of useful information.

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Use the links above to navigate to the top level of each directory. The additional links below will help you to find specific files.

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What are you looking for?Where to find it...

Draft proposal text

Nextcloud eLTER 05 PPP > _Proposal

Work in progress: Google DriveeLTER _05_PPP > eLTER _05_PPP_P > Entire project / proposal

Overall project structure

Nextcloud eLTER 05 PPP > _Overview and main messages

Meetings & telecons (planning, notes, etc.)

Nextcloud eLTER 05 PPP > Meetings and Telecons

Google DriveeLTER _05_PPP > eLTER _05_PPP_P > Meetings and meetings specific packages

Google DriveeLTER _05_PPP > eLTER _05_PPP_P > Telecons

Material I can use in presentations
e.g. PowerPoint slides and other useful files


For finished material: Nextcloud eLTER 01 Reference material for stakeholders

For material in development: Google Drive eLTER_01_Reference material Testing and Development


eLTER-related bulk email circulars
Announcements of meetings, calls for action, etc. as sent to our mailing lists
Link will be added soon
eLTER's ESFRI roadmap proposal

Nextcloud  eLTER 05 PPP > Background and source documents > ESFRI RM 2018 Proposal

Call text and other formal documents

Nextcloud  eLTER 05 PPP > Formal documents

National RI roadmaps

Nextcloud  eLTER 05 PPP > Literature > Countries National Roadmaps

Example deliverables

Nextcloud  eLTER 05 PPP > Literature > Example deliverables

2018 ESFRI Roadmap Hearing Preparation

NextcloudeLTER 02 OverallPlanning > Background documents > ESFRI Hearing Preparation